2020 actions are here...
This month we present to you '100 Actions for Peace' within the framework of our 100th Anniversary. An exciting year awaits us, full of celebrations and events to promote peace.☮️ Past, present and future of SCI and volunteering for peace is here. We will be all over the world, follow us and find the actions that will be held near you, or get involved!
2nd gathering of SCI veterans
📅 30 January - 2 February 2019
📍 Kandy, Sri Lanka

Hosted by SCI Sri Lanka, it will be an SCI family get-together. A visit to our very first workcamp location in Aisa (“back to the roots”) is planned. “Human Library” is yet another proposal. Bring also your photos, videos, souvenirs, camp diaries, publications and any kind of past memories that we could share.​

👉Sign up here before 15th of November.
Refugee Month (3rd edition)
📅 November 2019
📍 Sofia, Bulgaria
CVS-Bulgaria, together with seven more organisations that work on migration and refugees topics, has organised different events and celebrations of diversity: 'Quiz night on volunteering and migration', 'Human library Make Food Not War', ...
If you are in or close to Sofia in November, you can join for free and enjoy the rhythm of multiculturality and solidarty! 
👉Find here the activity program.
Last month's highlights
Garden Friends Forever
Primary school pupils set up a garden embracing the principles of permaculture and by recycling plastic materials. Thanks to PVN Albania’s volunteers, they learnt about climate change and its impact on freshwater availability.

Learn how to get financial support for your volunteer projects promoting climate justice and sustainable living.
Read the full article here.
Community development 
In the middle of October, CVS-Bulgaria teamed up with three more local organisations and created an event to talk about community development.
Community leaders and members gathered to discuss how to make sure they meet their communities' needs and  to exchange best practices on communication. Collaboration with other communities and fundraising were also  hot topics. Read more here.
SCI Exchange Platform Meeting 2019 in Albania
For a week, representatives of SCI and partner organisations from all over the world discussed the evaluation and future plans regarding the volunteer exchanges and foster partnerships to improve future projects for peace. ☮️
A great opportunity to hear about international experiences from amazing people at the forefront of change. 👏
Global Human Rights Week
From 14 to 19 October we celebrated the Global Human Rights Week, promoting interesting content focusing on freedom of movement, migrants and refugees rights. 
It was an event coordinated by CCIVS and developed jointly by WAVAN, SEEYN, SCI, SAVWA, NVDA, IBO, EAVS, Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations.
👉Download here the material published.
European Solidarity Corps Stakeholder meeting
September 30 in Brussels we participated in a Stakeholder Meeting held by the European Commission's European Solidarity Corps team, focused on achievements so far, the future of the programme, the new humanitarian aid strand and receiving feedback from organizations.
You can view the recordig here.
Volunteer experiences
Paint the walls away in Mitrovica, Kosovo
After the First World War devastated France, the authorities picked one of the numerous fallen soldiers who could not be identified, and buried him under the ‘Arc de Triomphe’, one of the main monuments of the capital city. To this day, people gather to pay tribute to this young man who represents so many other unknown ones like him. This story inspired us to entitle one of our murals, a portrait of a miner, one among so many who lived in Mitrovica. “The unknown miner”.
Read and see more here.
Somewhere in the Swiss Forest
The life at Alpe Loasa is simple, electricity is only available due to a photovoltaic system on the roof of the house. Water is either only available when it is raining or when the cistern is filled with water. 
I was fascinated by the nature and atmosphere which surrounds the Alps and while writing this article I caught myself wanting to be back in Switzerland.
Read the full article here. 
Training opportunity
Volunteers management course
We are urgently looking for two volunteers with Austrian residence.
📆 11 - 17 November 2019
📍 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Volunteering from A to Z” project aims to improve and enhance the quality of the implementation of volunteer projects with a focus on ESC and thus ensure that the activities of these projects are achieved more effectively for both the main actors (volunteer, host organization, supportive organization, mentor, supervisor) as well as for the other affected (target group, local community).
The full call and details here.
 Workcamp opportunities
Christmas in Betlehem
 The social project seeks to bring young people from various cultures together to understand Palestinian culture and history and the realities of life under occupation.
📅 22 December 2019 - 01 January 2020
📍Betlehem, Palestine
With with IPYL.
Apply here.
Environmental conservation
The mangrove forest is affected by human acts.
Help the local environment management committees to raise awareness on environmental issues, collect mangrove seeds and plant trees.
📅 11 - 29 November 2019 
📍 Zanzibar, Tanzania
Hosted by ZAYDO. 
 More info here.
Physiotherapy camp
Physiotherapy Center to provide both indoor and outdoor services to the victims of accident, stroke and other patients with disability, with minimum cost.
📅 14 - 23 November 2019 
📍 Khalia, Bangladesh 
 You don't want to miss this opportunity? Click here. 
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