December SCI Newsletter
For the year that begins, we wish you a world of peace, social justice and sustainable development, where all people live together with mutual respect and without recourse to any form of violence to solve conflict!
2020 will be full of Actions for Peace to celebrate 100 years of SCI. See you in January 2020!
Last month's highlights
ICM 2019 in the Netherlands
SCI International Committee Meeting (ICM) took place from 4 to 8 December in the Netherlands and reached a number of decisions that will shape the next years of the movement, including the new Strategic Plan 2020-2023.
Amidst the business of the meeting, we didin't miss the chance to have more relaxing moments to get to know each other and start celebrating the 100 years of SCI!
Grand Opening 100 Years of SCI
The Grand Opening took place on December 7th, during ICM. Our 100th anniversary year was officially inaugurated with speeches, an exhibition, historical photographs and documents.
 Without forgetting a party with traditional snacks from different parts of the world and a dancefloor with an old-school DJ.
2020 will be full of actions for peace.
To watch the video 👉 here.
Words about deeds
The 2020 publication is the result of work of an international team of volunteers. Different articles present important steps and milestones, interesting projects and workcamps as well as original sources and portraits of activists from the first 100 years of SCI. Read the table of contents and the summary for free.
Don't miss the opportunity to have this historical document!
To order 👉 here.
Inspiration and caffeine
In the 'Project Café', 30 participants from all around Europe were gathered in Berlin with SCI Germany to bring and share their ideas and got some inspiration about project management. Participants trained their project management capacities in very diverse topics: sustainability, education, eco-camps, new technology or upcycling.
To read the full article 👉 here.
Don’t judge a book by its cover…
SCI Switzerland organized a Living Library on November 19th in Bern.
In the event, seven different human books told their story to citizens interested in questioning stereotypes and deepening the reality that surrounds them.
Prejudices were overcome!
Discover more here. 
#16 Peace Caravan
📅 July 2020
📍 On the roads of France
The Peace Caravan will depart from a location in France and stop by local partners and activists to help with different tasks. 
At the end of the itinerant project, volunteers will gather at SCI France Annual Assembly to celebrate this very special anniversary together.
Organized by SCI France.
#20 Raising Peace
20 September: SCI reunion where members and friends, former volunteers, partners and supporters are invited.
21 September: a fair with the organizations whose work is focused on peace, in particular SCI branches in the Asian Pacific region.
21 - 23 September: seminar workshop.
24 Sep - 3 Oct: peace and biodiversity workcamp.
📍 WHERE: Australia
 Organized by IVPAustralia
New deadline!
📢After several branches asked to postpone the deadline for 2020 SCI Campaign "100 Actions for Peace", we have a new deadline: 5th of December 2020‼️
Become part of a global campaign and celebrate SCI's 100th anniversary with peace actions!
Volunteer experiences
About climate change in Germany
"Applying for this seminar was the single best thing I have done in years. I am not a person who cries often, but that week in Kagel I cried twice, on the first day, and on the last one."
Read the full article here.
Work is Love in Action
The first task I received here was to take care of myself, as nobody can bring value to any place without connecting with themselves.
When I return home I want to take the Herzfeld Sennrüti feeling with me. For me this means keeping the focus on people: starting with loving myself to find inner peace, and from there being able to connect with others from the heart.
Read the full article here. 
Sennrüti, a place of equality
After this experience I found myself asking ‘How is it possible, that one can gain so much knowledge in such a short time?’ I immediately realised, growing and learning was best done in a joyful environment, where mistakes are allowed and emotions have space. This inspired me to apply to my longest program yet – my one-year stay at the Sennrüti eco-village.
Read the full article here
Ho’oponopono ritual
One of the simplest, yet power tools I have had the amazing fortune of learning as volunteer in Sennrüti, is the Hawaiian forgiveness ritual: Ho’oponopono.
This had a transforming effect on relationships with family members, with whom I’d not been able to connect for many years.
This feels extremely freeing and both loving towards myself and those around me.
Read the full article here
 Job opportunity
Call for Finance and Administration Officer in IS
📢 We are looking for a new Finance and Administration Officer to join our team in the International Secretariat (IS) in Antwerp (Belgium).
👉The position details are here
To apply send your CV and a motivation letter clearly explaining how your skills match the task description to as soon as possible, not later than 20th January 2020. Please mention if you are interested in full-time employment or part-time.
 Workcamp opportunities
Lombok Sasak 
📅 4 - 17 February 2020
📍 Sengkoah-Labulia Village, Indonesia
Organized by IIWC of PKBI
Volunteers will collaborate with the community in guiding their children to discover their own culture; in managing English classes for children, youth and locals; in conducting activities with the village community, and in helping local people promoting their village culture.
To apply 👉 here.
English teaching
📅 12 - 25 Jan 2020
📍 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Organized by Mongolian workcamps Exchange (MCE), NICE and VYA.
The main work will be to teach English, song, game to the kids that can be advantage for them to find jobs and also to exchange with international people.  We may also do some workshops with them for Asian common actions of NVDA for forests.
To apply 👉 here.
SAVWA Climate Justice Campaign
📅 20 - 27 January 2020
📍Soshanguve, SouthAfrica
Organized by SAVWA.
Volunteers and the community have an opportunity to create a platform to address Climate Justice in Pretoria and map out a consecutive plan to address climate change, with special focus on how youth can contribute to the discussion. 🌎🌍🌏
More info 👉 here
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