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Last month's highlights
Hilly, green and happy!
This month, SCI Germany made a short visit to the project partner in Tübingen in order to say ‘Thank you!’ and conduct small interviews with the people engaged in this incredible ecology workcamp that has been taking place for more than 20 years.
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Theatre for peace
Once a month, volunteers from SCI Switzerland organize theatre evenings for children from families seeking asylum and for children from Switzerland.
They offer activities related to theatre, dance and painting to break prejudices and generate bonds of trust between children and young people with different cultural backgrounds.

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Living Library “Peace” in Switzerland
SCI Switzerland organized a Living Library on 18th February in Bern. The topic was Peace and the “books” were very diverse. One of them was a 90-year-old woman who spray-painted "Money for Guns Kills" on a wall in front of the National Bank of Bern and was arrested for it.
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Global justice starts here
Placement Officers Training (POT) 2020 was organized for SCI Placement Officers in Winterthur, Switzerland, from 10 to 16 of February 2020. It was quite productive and was useful not only for beginners but also to people who had some experience in this area, as it still included topics that are not connected directly to the duties of a Placement officer but that are crucial for SCI movement.
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La Rose des Genres in France
SCI France organized in Lille this action for peace that made to move forward and to question ourselves, among other things on stereotypes and prejudices, with multiple workshops using different tools of interactive methodologies.
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Voices of Volunteers
We are all Dreamers!
[Children and teenagers] write on a small paper what their greatest desire is, and put those messages inside the tea bags. Tea bags created in the south of Mitrovica were displayed in the north, and vice-versa. For this reason, we translated all the messages in both Albanian and Serbian. [...]
Often, the desire to have one united city came up. -By Célia, volunteer in Gaia Kosovo

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Youth4Remembrance in Berlin
I had a chance to participate in the seminar “Youth4Remembrance” that took place in a suburb of Berlin, where there was no Internet and no mobile signal but there was a great group of 25 participants from 10 countries [...]
The main idea of ​​this seminar was to help young people to understand history, how to avoid repeating the mistakes of our ancestors. -By Ekaterina Iakushina-

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My journey with SCI Hellas
I have many reasons why I chose to participate in an EVS. One of them was to find some answers about myself, what I want, what I feel, what I can do to help people.
-By Laurent Saloppé, long-term volunteer in SCI Hellas.
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 Workcamp opportunities
family houses
📅 8 - 18 May 2020
📍 IMA, Portugal
Organized by Para Onde?
Support for refugee and migrant families who completed government-funded integration programs without sufficient support and still haven’t found stable jobs or homes.
To apply 👉 here
Theater festival organization
📅 18 - 26 March 2020
📍 Chenini Gabès, Tunisia
Organized by Volontariat sans Frontières

A festival in honor of Ali Lessouad, an inspirational theater teacher who brought theater to Chenini; he did a lot for the city and recently passed away.

To apply 👉 here
Capacity building training
📅 12 - 22 March 2020
📍 Hong Kong
Organized by SCI Hong Kong
Volunteers will carry out seminars to build youth capacity in creativity, social cohesion, leadership and provide them a vision for the future.
To apply 👉 here.
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