August is a great month for workcamps. We offer you a great variety of opportunities to dedicate your time to a solidarity cause where you can meet people and exchange experiences.
Wondering what this is like? Here are some interesting videos and testimonials from our volunteers and branch all over the world. 
Choose one, enjoy the experience and send us your testimony!
Workcamp opportunities:
Back to the Roots II in Germany (August)
In the age of climate change and global injustice, we ask ourselves if we have to change our consumption-oriented and resource-wasting lifestyle.
The volunteers must be able to adapt to simple living conditions, live an organic lifestyle and be willing to avoid waste.
Challenge accepted?!
See more here.
Paint the Walls Away in Kosovo (August - September)
The goal will be creating a safe space for communication and exchange between diverse communities through artistic expression and dialogue. The focus will be put on using visual arts to promote peace and coexistence in public space.
Interested? Click here.
Victoria Falls Social Work with Children in Zimbabwe (August)
The orphanage is a safe house for abused and vulnerable children in Victoria Falls.
It currently shelters over 71 children between the ages 1 year 4 months to 17 years of age.
Volunteers will help the team in the daily activities with children.
Read more here. 
Last month's highlights
Escaping to love and to be, a documentary about the situation of LGBTI+ people in Morocco
SCI Catalunya in cooperation with Catalan Commission for refugees and La Directa (an alternative media) produced a documentary to talk about the LGBTI resistance in Morocco and also the problems for the asylum seekers. 
Read the whole article here.
Young Defenders research and the Activist’s residence 2019
SCI Catalunya presented research about the rights violations of youth and experiences of popular mobilization in the Mediterranean Area coinciding with the second edition of the residence of two palestinian and saharan activist in Barcelona. 
Read the whole article here.
Our Stories
Permaculture as a Path to Peace
In the last 2 years, GAIA Kosovo was exploring different methods and tools for peace education inspired by permaculture. Thanks to the Erasmus+ program, GAIA Kosovo and partners had a chance to realize several international and local activities as first steps on this path of endless opportunities for peace building through permaculture.

Read the whole article here.
Volunteering on the WAFEst - be on the WAVE!
The eighth Water-Air-Fire-Earth-Festival took place at the Gorky Reservoir in the Nizhny Novgorod region from 4 -th to 7th of July 2019. This is thee second year in a row the festival invites foreign volunteers. This year time the team was composed of four girls from Taiwan, Germany and the Czech Republic, with a and camp-leader from Russia.
Read the whole article here.
ABCD – Art for balanced Culture and Diversity
The ABCD training took place last week from 22.7. till 27.7 in a youth hostel in Antwerp, Belgium. An international group of 27 participants gathered to learn more about how art tools can enhance inclusion and cultural diversity.
Together they discovered different art forms like theater, collage, rap, installation… and how they can support inclusive processes. It was all about thought  provoking discussions about certain topics as well as creative group works. In the end there was a performance in a big park to get involved with the public and make them think about topics like environmentalism, refugees or social media.
More information will be shared soon!
Call for Participants
Call is open for International Campaigning Training!
The seminar will take place in Rome on 19-24 November 2019 and is part of the project Gendered Realities, which aims at combating gender stereotypes and make SCI a safe place for all. Anyone who is interested in campaigning and/or gender can participate. If you would like to learn how to design and organize a successful campaign through real practice, with the guide of experts in the sector, then this opportunity is for you!
For more information about the training, if you're eligible and how to apply, follow this link.
SCI's microgrants
GAIA Microgrants ongoing applications
This grant programme provides financial support for SCI volunteer projects promoting climate justice and sustainable living.
The GAIA MicroGrants Programme already supported almost 70 projects all across the SCI world. If you want to learn about these amazing grassroots initiatives, you can read all about it
Natural Disaster Fund
Two weeks ago, south Asia has been affected by devastating floods and landslides. Constantly, natural disasters cause deaths and force huge numbers of people to flee their homes.
If you are interested in disaster relief work and you would like to be part of the online team of the Natural Disaster Fund Microgrants to manage and promote this funding opportunity of SCI, read the call on our website, as well as more information about the NDF here.

Please spread this call to people you think might be interested or apply yourself on disasterfund@sci.ngo!
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